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23 Techniques You Can Use to Profit from Business and Marketing Materials

Many people spend lots of hard earned money on business and marketing courses, seminars, information products, books, audio programs, and other personal development materials. Yet very few of them get the maximum leverage that they could out of the material, nor do they truly earn the windfall profits that they can get from applying the material to their business.

Here are some simple ideas that can you can use to get the most out of any business building material you get your hands on.

  1. Listen to audio programs a minimum of seven times.
  2. Take notes while actively listening to audio and list actionable tasks and items that can be used and applied to your business.
  3. Watch DVDs and video programs a minimum of seven times.
  4. Take notes while actively watching video and list actionable tasks and items that can be used and applied to your business.
  5. Read printed material a minimum of seven times.
  6. Take notes while actively reading printed material and list actionable tasks and items that can be used and applied to your business.
  7. Review and re-review material a minimum of once a year, a quarter, or a month.
  8. Take each idea or concept, expand upon it, and write a detailed description in your own words and how it applies to your business.
  9. Start a mastermind group and discuss material with other in the group.
  10. Spend 1 hour a day actively reviewing material.
  11. Create test essay questions from the material and complete on a regular
  12. Get others to quiz you on the material on regular basis.
  13. Write articles about the material your have reviewed and share your viewpoint.
  14. Review material until memorized.
  15. Teach material to others on a regular basis.
  16. Improve your reading speed, memory, and comprehensive skills by completing a speed reading and/or memory development course.
  17. Listen to business and marketing material on an I-Pod or MP3 player while exercising.
  18. Review business and marketing material instead of watching TV.
  19. Read business and marketing material while doing cardio exercise.
  20. Set aside blocks of time in your daily or weekly work schedule to review business and marketing material.
  21. Schedule and prioritize the material that you would like to go through.
  22. Analyze material, identify and list each concept, and re-write the meaning of each concept in your own words and how you could apply it to your business.
  23. Take each concept you learn, categorize it, and index them into a master book for you to review on an ongoing basis.

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