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Legendary TV pitchman an infomercial icon Billy Mays will be deeply missed

Billy Mays

TV Pitchman and Legendary Infomercial Billy Mays

With his unexpected and recent passing, legendary TV pitchman an infomercial icon Billy Mays will be deeply missed.

I was a big fan of Billy and was deeply saddened to learn about his death on Sunday. It was just recently that I got hooked on his new TV show on Discovery channel called Pitchmen and have been telling everyone to watch the show, because they can learn a lot about marketing consumer products and get an inside look at the infomercial industry and the major players involved in the industry including Billy Mays and Anthony “Sully” Sullivan.

Billy and Sully were together for the last time this past Tuesday night during an interview on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to promote the season finale of Pitchmen, which is scheduled to premiere July 1.

For those we have yet to see the show or want to see what I have been talking about can now get their chance to tune in, because this Wednesday, the Discovery channel is running a Pitchmen marathon starting at 11 AM EST through 10 PM EST leading up to the never-before-seen season finale at 10 p.m.

So program your TIVO, DVR, or change your schedule so that you can tune in to the show and don’t miss out.

Marketing Lesson from FREE Garmin GPS from Promotion

After many months of people asking me to start creating a putting up videos on YouTube and updating my blog. Here is the first of other videos to follow relating to marketing, search engine marketing, and online business growth strategies.

Marketing Lesson from FREE Garmin GPS from Promotion

This video really resonated with several other people and it may resonate quite well with you as well, especially as you venture into the world of marketing in an uncertain economy.

What are you thoughts?

— Damian

23 Techniques You Can Use to Profit from Business and Marketing Materials

Many people spend lots of hard earned money on business and marketing courses, seminars, information products, books, audio programs, and other personal development materials. Yet very few of them get the maximum leverage that they could out of the material, nor do they truly earn the windfall profits that they can get from applying the material to their business.

Here are some simple ideas that can you can use to get the most out of any business building material you get your hands on.

  1. Listen to audio programs a minimum of seven times.
  2. Take notes while actively listening to audio and list actionable tasks and items that can be used and applied to your business.
  3. Watch DVDs and video programs a minimum of seven times.
  4. Take notes while actively watching video and list actionable tasks and items that can be used and applied to your business.
  5. Read printed material a minimum of seven times.
  6. Take notes while actively reading printed material and list actionable tasks and items that can be used and applied to your business.
  7. Review and re-review material a minimum of once a year, a quarter, or a month.
  8. Take each idea or concept, expand upon it, and write a detailed description in your own words and how it applies to your business.
  9. Start a mastermind group and discuss material with other in the group.
  10. Spend 1 hour a day actively reviewing material.
  11. Create test essay questions from the material and complete on a regular
  12. Get others to quiz you on the material on regular basis.
  13. Write articles about the material your have reviewed and share your viewpoint.
  14. Review material until memorized.
  15. Teach material to others on a regular basis.
  16. Improve your reading speed, memory, and comprehensive skills by completing a speed reading and/or memory development course.
  17. Listen to business and marketing material on an I-Pod or MP3 player while exercising.
  18. Review business and marketing material instead of watching TV.
  19. Read business and marketing material while doing cardio exercise.
  20. Set aside blocks of time in your daily or weekly work schedule to review business and marketing material.
  21. Schedule and prioritize the material that you would like to go through.
  22. Analyze material, identify and list each concept, and re-write the meaning of each concept in your own words and how you could apply it to your business.
  23. Take each concept you learn, categorize it, and index them into a master book for you to review on an ongoing basis.

Find out how you can maximize each of these methods and learn many more internet marketing strategies by calling (440) 238-5815 or going to http://www.marketingpotential.com/

Jay Abraham is a true marketing genius!

Jay Abraham is a true marketing genius!

If you read any of my previous blog entries, you probably read that I was fortunate enough to attend Jay Abraham’s “Abraham Factor” Seminar in Anaheim, CA in May 2006.

Prior to attending the event Jay sent thousands of dollars worth of pre attendance grounding materials, and at the seminar he provide three information packed days of the most mind blowing marketing strategies and techniques that I will be able to use for the rest of my business life and use them to earn millions and millions of dollars in ongoing personal income.

When I got back from the seminar, I used several of his marketing strategies to earn half of the $5,000 I paid to attend the seminar.

I look forward to using many more of the hundreds of techniques that I now have at my finger tips to help other businesses dramatically increase their profits and business growth.



Damian Petrini
Marketing Potential

10 Easy Ways to Increase Links to Your Website

By Damian Petrini
August 9th, 2006

In the arena of search engine marketing, getting as many links pointing to your website as possible is a key component in increasing your rankings in Google, Yahoo, and MSN search listings.

Each website that links to your website acts like a vote in a popularity contest, and the one who gets the most votes and popularity is the one who will show up higher in search engine listings.

Ten simple ways that you can increase the number of links that point back to your website:

  1. Post Content – Post articles and comments on message boards, discussion rooms, blogs, and include the URL of your website in your article and signature line. Make sure that the content you contribute is meaningful and not just a selfish attempt to plug your website. Provide insightful and valuable content.
  2. Press Releases – Submit press releases through online PR sites like PRWeb, PR Newswire, SBWire, or any other of many online PR websites on the web. Make sure you include relevant content and links to your website and related web pages.
  3. Write Reviews – Write reviews on eBay, Amazon.com, or any other popular website that allows you to create reviews for products, services, companies, or related topics to your business. When writing reviews some sites will allow you to include your name, business name, website links, and other information you can include in your posting.
  4. Create Your Own Blog – Even though there are millions and millions of blogs on the internet, having one of your own won’t hurt. In fact it gives you another opportunity to provide relevant and valuable content to your marketplace and provide you with another opportunity to create links to your website and related webpages on your website.
  5. Sell Items on Auction Websites – Listings on websites like eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Auctions, and other auction based or marketplace websites provide you with another opportunity to add links to your website. You can also customize and add links to your website by creating user or seller profiles on each of those websites as well.
  6. Reciprocal Links – A really simple way to get links back to your website is to just ask people to add links to their websites in exchange for you linking to their sites. You should try to set up reciprocal links with websites similar to or related to your product, service, or website content.
  7. Submit Your URL – There are tons of websites that you can submit your website address to for little or no money. Make sure that you submit your website to all search engines, vendors, clients, related companies, industry publications, online directories, popular blogs, and other types of websites.
  8. Online User Groups – User groups such as Yahoo Groups, MSN Groups, and Google Groups give you another chance to not only provide valuable content and maximize group collaboration, but also post links to your website. Depending on the user group settings, you can configure the group website so that all of the postings from group members are made visible to search engines and get indexed in search listings.
  9. Testimonials – Give your vendors, strategic alliance partners, and clients testimonials that they can post on their website that includes links back to your website. Then offer them to do the same in return.
  10. Community Profiles – Sites like MySpace, Amazon, eBay, Friendster, chat rooms, discussion boards, and YouTube are some of the highest traffic sites and get crawled and indexed by search engines on a regular basis. Most online community type websites allow you to create user profiles and include information like your favorite links, company name and website address, and allow you to post comments to community blogs and postings. Each of these provides you with yet another opportunity to post another link to your website.

Find out how you can maximize each of these methods and learn many more internet marketing strategies by calling (440) 238-5815 or going to www.marketingpotential.com

Abraham Factor Seminar in CA!

Damian Petrini with Jay Abraham at the Abraham Factor seminar in Anaheim, CA (May 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2006)

After studying a good portion of Jay Abraham’s work, I finally got a chance to attend one of his events in May 2006.

Although it did cost me $5,000 to attend the event, not including airfare, hotel, and other travel expenses, it is by far the most powerful marketing or business seminar I have ever attended. I would have gladly paid twice what I paid to be at the event and have no question in my mind that I will earn back a minimum of 100 times the investment I spent to be at the event.

If you have never been to one of Jay’s live seminars, I highly recommend that you do. Not only because the impact of the material presented in person makes a more powerful impact, but also the fact that you will meet hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs that also paid $5,000 or more to attend.

The networking contacts that you can create at one of his events by itself should help your earn back more than twice what you pay to attend the event.


Marketing Potential, LLC
(440) 238-5815

Dan Kennedy Book Signing in OHIO!

Damian Petrini with Dan Kennedy

On February 11th, I was very fortunate to have a chance to meet direct response marketing master Dan Kennedy at a Barnes and Noble book signing in Fairlawn, Ohio!

Dan was in town promoting his new books just released at bookstores everywhere!

If you haven’t already read any of Dan’s books, I highly suggest that you pick up a copy of any of his new books.

It’s non everyday that you get a chance to meet and speak with a master marketing who has generated millions of dollars in income for himself and his clients. Meeting Dan Kennedy has fueled my desire to reach the levels of success that he has been able to achieve!

Here are his latest books:

No B.S. Direct Marketing: The Ultimate, No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners Direct Marketing for Non-direct Marketing Businesses

No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs

The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales

The Ultimate Marketing Plan: Find Your Hook. Communicate Your Message. Make Your Mark


Marketing Potential, LLC
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Update on Rich Schefren’s New Breakthrough Report!!!

For the last month Rich Schefren has been writing his new report, or should I say “advisory”, that’s sure to ROCK the Internet marketing world.

It’s called The Attention Age Doctrine, and if you’re like me, you’ll want to find out how to profit from this new environment on the Internet.

Unlike his Internet Business Manifesto Trilogy, this advisory will be available only for a limited time.

The Attention Age Doctrine

The thing is, Rich really DOES deliver the goods. If you look at his list of clients, it’s basically a “who’s who” list of the top people doing business online. The one’s who have reviewed his drafts have unanimously given it their highest marks.

Jay Abraham had a look and now he wants to interview Rich for his private clients (some of his past interviews included Fran Tarkenton and Tony Robbins.)

Rich and Jay have decided to limit the audience to only those who have read his latest advisory.

Don’t miss out on this free report – I know it will change the way you work and market in today’s competitive marketplace:

The Attention Age Doctrine

Best regards,


New Breakthrough Report by Rich Schefren!

I am not usually big on promoting a lot of other people’s products and info because I am very selective on who I respect and would recommend to others.

However, Rich Schefren, most notably known for pulling the covers back on wolves of the internet marketing world and showing people to actually build solid businesses, instead of just another get rich quick scheme, has almost completed a NEW BREAKTHROUGH REPORT – and it’s even better than his original Manifesto.

This time you better hurry!!! Unlike his previous reports, they will be limiting the circulation this time – available by reservation only.

Reserve your copy now!

In it, Rich tells you more about the dramatic shift that has started – The Attention Age, and how he’s been profiting from it. He shares how you can too, once you know the details revealed in this advisory.

— Damian

Could a Dumb Law in Utah Ruin Keyword Search Advertising?

This is quite a shocking article about how the legal system could really throw a wrench into the whole concept of a free-marketplace on the internet.

According to the article in InternetRetailer.com’s May 1, 2007, IRNewsLink e-newsletter, the State of Utah has just passed a law that could limit the practice of a company from being able to have one of it’s ads show up on a search engine page when a user searches for a competing company.

The article gave a great example of how bookseller Borders could turn around and sue both Google, and Barnes & Noble, if a paid Barnes & Noble ad appeared in response to a search for Borders, as long as the search originated from Utah.

Read the full article at: http://www.internetretailer.com/dailyNews.asp?id=22229

What is most disturbing about this law passing is that it could end up being a starting point that leads to the opening of Pandora’s Box, creating a flood of lawyers, governmental agencies, and other legal entities all over the country to follow suit and try to stick their governing fingers into the free world of the internet.

If this were to build momentum, it could really change the current dynamics of search engine marketing, and make things more difficult for online marketers.

However, don’t freak out!!!…the online world is NOT coming to an end!

Most likely, the law will be challenged in court and possibly be thrown out by federal courts because the state would be interfering with interstate commerce.

Also, don’t forget that the big boys like Google, which looks to take most of the more than $8 billion dollars that is estimated to be spent this year on U.S. search engine marketing, won’t just sit quietly on the sidelines.

It should be very interesting to see how things progress in the ever-changing world of online marketing!



Damian Petrini
Marketing Potential, LLC