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A truly amazing video that reveals Web 2.0

Here is a truly amazing video that reveals the transformation of the internet with Web 2.0 and how it impacts all of us online and society as a whole.

Web 2.0 – The Machine is Using Us!

I first saw this video at Early-to-Rise’s 2007 Infomarketing Bootcamp conference during a presentation by Rich Schefren as he touched on the subject of Web 2.0.

This video really resonated with me and I feel that it may resonate quite well with you as well, especially as you venture into the world of Web 2.0 and the rapid changes that continue to occur everyday on the internet.

What are you thoughts on Web 2.0?

— Damian

Update on Rich Schefren’s New Breakthrough Report!!!

For the last month Rich Schefren has been writing his new report, or should I say “advisory”, that’s sure to ROCK the Internet marketing world.

It’s called The Attention Age Doctrine, and if you’re like me, you’ll want to find out how to profit from this new environment on the Internet.

Unlike his Internet Business Manifesto Trilogy, this advisory will be available only for a limited time.

The Attention Age Doctrine

The thing is, Rich really DOES deliver the goods. If you look at his list of clients, it’s basically a “who’s who” list of the top people doing business online. The one’s who have reviewed his drafts have unanimously given it their highest marks.

Jay Abraham had a look and now he wants to interview Rich for his private clients (some of his past interviews included Fran Tarkenton and Tony Robbins.)

Rich and Jay have decided to limit the audience to only those who have read his latest advisory.

Don’t miss out on this free report – I know it will change the way you work and market in today’s competitive marketplace:

The Attention Age Doctrine

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New Breakthrough Report by Rich Schefren!

I am not usually big on promoting a lot of other people’s products and info because I am very selective on who I respect and would recommend to others.

However, Rich Schefren, most notably known for pulling the covers back on wolves of the internet marketing world and showing people to actually build solid businesses, instead of just another get rich quick scheme, has almost completed a NEW BREAKTHROUGH REPORT – and it’s even better than his original Manifesto.

This time you better hurry!!! Unlike his previous reports, they will be limiting the circulation this time – available by reservation only.

Reserve your copy now!

In it, Rich tells you more about the dramatic shift that has started – The Attention Age, and how he’s been profiting from it. He shares how you can too, once you know the details revealed in this advisory.

— Damian