Jay Abraham is a true marketing genius!

Jay Abraham is a true marketing genius!

If you read any of my previous blog entries, you probably read that I was fortunate enough to attend Jay Abraham’s “Abraham Factor” Seminar in Anaheim, CA in May 2006.

Prior to attending the event Jay sent thousands of dollars worth of pre attendance grounding materials, and at the seminar he provide three information packed days of the most mind blowing marketing strategies and techniques that I will be able to use for the rest of my business life and use them to earn millions and millions of dollars in ongoing personal income.

When I got back from the seminar, I used several of his marketing strategies to earn half of the $5,000 I paid to attend the seminar.

I look forward to using many more of the hundreds of techniques that I now have at my finger tips to help other businesses dramatically increase their profits and business growth.



Damian Petrini
Marketing Potential