Abraham Factor Seminar in CA!

Damian Petrini with Jay Abraham at the Abraham Factor seminar in Anaheim, CA (May 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2006)

After studying a good portion of Jay Abraham’s work, I finally got a chance to attend one of his events in May 2006.

Although it did cost me $5,000 to attend the event, not including airfare, hotel, and other travel expenses, it is by far the most powerful marketing or business seminar I have ever attended. I would have gladly paid twice what I paid to be at the event and have no question in my mind that I will earn back a minimum of 100 times the investment I spent to be at the event.

If you have never been to one of Jay’s live seminars, I highly recommend that you do. Not only because the impact of the material presented in person makes a more powerful impact, but also the fact that you will meet hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs that also paid $5,000 or more to attend.

The networking contacts that you can create at one of his events by itself should help your earn back more than twice what you pay to attend the event.


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